Title: Keep the Faith

Author: Tim Wells

Publication: Poetry Chapbook

Details: Ltd edition 200 copies, first 100 include woven patch.

ISBN: 978-1-906099-32-9

Release Date: December 4th 2013
Retail Price: £8

A fine handmade poetry chapbook of Tim Wells' music themed poems.

"Master Tim Wells has been on my radar for over twenty years. He was initially introduced to me as a friend of a friend. I noticed that the expression on his smiling rumpled face mostly hovered between wry and shy, but from the beginning I recognized that his curiously astute conversation was as tastefully sharp as his dapper skinhead attire. It came as no surprise that he was also a talented poet.

He brings a unique blend of authenticity, excitement and pathos to this collection of poems and prose. ‘Keep The Faith’ intimately conjures London’s subterranean nightlife, where whites and blacks jostle together in the Dalston dusk, drawn by a mutual love of reggae and soul music. From drinking red stripe in late night shebeens, DJing in dingy clubs, the bass bin thud of a sound man’s coffin, or once, excitedly chasing down a six foot six Mouse, his storytelling shows that ‘it’s the dark that makes the stars shine’.

These days I consider Tim a friend - no intermediary is required. Just like the last line of his poem ‘Ben Sherman’ says so eloquently: ‘it’s good to back a winner’."

Pauline Black