title: Lescar Volume One
author: Zack Wilson
genre: prose

publication date: November 2008
format: size (mms) h: 200 w: 140 card cover with stapled spine 44 pages


Sheffield, England, 2004 or thereabouts…

and a group of losers congregate in a boozer just off the Ecclesall Road like fluff gathers in the pockets of old Farahs.

Through the prism of these pub regulars, readers are treated to tales of weirdos, hooligans, dealers, drunks, victims and self-employed tradesman, tales marked by poignancy, darkness and occasional wonderful clarity.

There is broad humour here, grim observation and the kind of lost longing you can only understand if you’ve drunk ten pints of gassy lager every afternoon for the last week.

And amidst the smoke, fumes and overbearing laughter you can find love, and friendship, shame and sinfulness, there is sex, murder and, of course, Mayhem…

Zack Wilson is a writer who lives in Sheffield but was born in Skegness. His fiction has appeared in many places online and in print. He also writes about football for Goal.com and occasionally co-edits online literary magazine Parasitic.

"Zack Wilson is one of that most important, yet often most overlooked, breed of writers: a chronicler of the extraordinary hearts that beat out ordinary lives." Matthew David Scott, author of ‘Playing Mercy’ and co-founder of ‘Slung Low’ theatre company.

“Reading Zack Wilson’s stories, it seems like Zack works with both a large hammer and a high definition video camera. while there is delicacy in the beautiful finely tuned details, there are barrages of hammer blows to the reader’s skull in terms of subject matter. Nothing but raw lives and beautifully minute particulars in these stories.”  Rob Plath, poet, author of ‘Tapping Ashes In the Dark’

edition: 1st 100 signed and numbered by the author
isbn-10: 1-906099-11-1
isbn-13: 978-1-906099-11-4