Welcome to 'blackheath books', artisan printing, publishing & bookmaking for discerning bibliophiles, a celebration of ordinary things.

'blackheath books' was active between 2005 and 2016 at a time when the rest of the world seemed to be forsaking the printed medium. In the age of kindles, podcasting and blogging, as local bookshops were either being squeezed or being taken over by Borderstones and filled with bargain bucket loss leaders that were literally not worth the paper costs, the people at Blackheath Books decided to return to basics.

Mainstream publishing wasn't doing or saying anything of relevance to us so decided to reclaim publishing by publishing the books we wanted to read.

In the great tradition of the independent small press 'blackheath books' provided a home for literary outsiders, mavericks who swam against the flow of incessant mainstream specialness.

Here at 'blackheath books' we decided to keep it small. With very limited print runs, of signed and numbered editions. All our books were printed in house and made with love. We made books because we liked books.

'blackheath books' received no external funding and was a 'not for profit' organisation. Any profits we made we ploughed back into the press to fund future publications. We refused to play the profit game and asked no-one (apart from our readers) to underwrite our independence. If you enjoyed our publications and share our ideals please spread the word about 'blackheath books' and even consider starting your own independent small press.

'blackheath books' are hand printed using vintage equipment and techniques on 100% recycled paper and card that contains a high percentage of post consumer waste.

Our available back catalogue will remain for sale though the website shop whilst it remains viable (sales pay for the web hosting). 

Who knows one day we may be back! At present however we are not accepting or responding to any submissions for publication.

'blackheath books' were based in rural West Wales.