'blackheath books' have become a victim of their own success. For over six years we have welcomed and valued submissions of poetry from authors interested in appearing in our future publications. However we have had to close the open submission process for poetry due to sheer weight of numbers and a waiting list of over a year for publication. We hope this is just a temporary measure and we are able to accept open submissions at some point in the future.

We are however on the lookout for authors who may be interested in adding to our growing list of future cult classic novels. Please familiarise yourself with our house style, if you don't you may be wasting your time.

At times when there has been a high volume of submissions it has been impossible for us to reply to every enquiry for publication. We don't like it when it is like this either.

We would encourage you to continue to support small presses and hey, maybe think about starting your own.

Think ordinary, think amateur, think irreverent, think blackheath books! Feel free to contact us for further information.