Title: Tesla's Ghost

Author: Darran Anderson

Date: December 2009

Publisher: Blackheath Books

Website: www.blackheathbooks.org.uk

ISBN:ISBN-10: 1-906099-21-9 / ISBN-13: 978-1-906099-21-3

Blackheath Books is proud to present an eclectic collection of sea shanties, drunken laments, murder ballads and cautionary tales, written whilst floating down life’s gutter. Featuring a cast of clairvoyants, sideshow freaks, fallen angels and body-snatchers and cameos from Frida Kahlo, Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks and Sitting Bull.

Witness a President’s head exploding on Dealey Plaza!

Hear tales to bend the bones; the true story of Jonah in the actual belly of the whale and dastardly Judas on the run!

Strike fear into your mortal soul pondering the very end of the world, the Day of the Dead and the terrible mournful tones of the Shipping Forecast!
Bask in the glamorous deadbeat life; searching for missing teeth on a barroom floor and contemplating Free Derry Corner with a bellyful of rum.

Hold hands and tremble around the flickering lamplight as we channel the ghosts of Elvis’ twin and the great Nikola Tesla, inventor of the death ray laser beam.

Tesla’s Ghost is the latest collection (and first to see the light of day) from the metaphorical deformed stepchild locked in the attic of Irish poetry. But, good people, he got out…

Darran Anderson is an Irish writer from Derry, currently residing in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is poetry editor of 3:AM Magazine, having previously worked on Dogmatika and Laika Poetry Review. He has recently finished a novel entitled The Ship is Sinking.

Quotes about Darran Anderson's writing.

“Just fucking beautifully written. Truly. A great Irish writer.”

- Amanda Palmer, The Dresden Dolls

“Beautiful and powerful. I mean really top notch shit”

- Tony O’Neill, author of Down and Out on the Murder Mile and Digging the Vein

“My favourite writer now and for some time. One of those who's work I enjoy reading over, wondering if his energy and profuseness are the story or he emulates so many sharp, fine and deep European writers that he’s become an echo in their court.”

- Andrew Lovatt, Dead Drunk Dublin

"A person has to have something going for him if he can – for instance – introduce himself by saying “My name’s Darran Anderson, apologies for the hair” and then tell a story about masturbating in front of traffic and how JG Ballard had put him up to such depravity."

- Sam Jordison (Crap Towns, Sod That!: 103 Things Not to Do Before You Die‎)