title: let's get visible
author: miles j. bell
genre: poetry

publication date: January 2008
format: size (mms) h: 205 w: 145 card cover with stapled spine 60 pages

"Let's get visible" is the latest chapbook of poetry from English wit and observer Miles J. Bell. Featuring 26 poems on a diverse range of subjects, from his father's death, to truck-driving, to wasp execution, this collection follows a year in Bell's life he has described as "preposterous".

"Bell’s poems tend to turn over the smallest stones of experience and find new possibilities underneath.
His poems uncover a darkness as well as a simple beauty in everyday life."
- William Taylor Jr

edition: 1st 100 signed and numbered by the author (1-20 in an alternate blue cover)
isbn-10: 1-906099-06-5
isbn-13: 978-1-906099-06-0