title: The Dead Queen of Bohemia
author:Jenni Fagan

genre: poetry

publication date: November 2010
format: size (mms) h: 200 w: 140 perfect bound card cover 40 pages


The Dead Queen of Bohemia is Jenni Fagan’s extraordinary follow up to her debut collection Urchin Belle, released last year on Blackheath Books. This new collection of poems, explores the peripheries of life with an unpretentious, lyrical brutality.

The Dead Queen of Bohemia takes in homage’s to 17th Century Chinese poetry, pornography in a Scottish caravan park, murder, first time sex in a hotel room, armed robbery, Elvis, native Indians, underage prostitution, coal mines and factories. Fights in wastelands, squirrels in the walls, bazookas, corpses, wife beaters, gang bangs and a white fox. There are dildos, moons, Eskimos, finest Bolivian, witches and stilettos, the ripped out heart of a Victorian debutante, quietude, despair and voodoo.

Fingerprints and butterflies; the covers of Fagan’s books mirror the contrasting defiance and fragility of her poems. Poems that document a disconnected fractured existence and what happens when there are no second chances.


Jenni Fagan is a Scottish poet and novelist based in London. Her debut collection Urchin Belle sold out on Blackheath Books. It is now released in New Zealand on Kilmog Press. She has been published in literary journals and anthologies in the UK, USA, Istanbul, India & Europe. She was recently nominated twice for a Pushcart Prize. Jenni worked extensively last year on a collaboration with women in prison in the UK and USA. The resulting steel word sculpture was exhibited in Greenwich, London. In the last few years she has won several awards including Arts Council England, Dewar Arts and Peggy Ramsay. She is currently completing a writing residency. In previous lives she played in bands.

Jenni has just completed her second novel The Panopticon, and is working on her third.

edition: a limited edition of 100 signed & numbered copies and a special hardback collectors edition of 26 signed & lettered (A-Z) copies.

isbn-10: 1-906099-23-5
isbn-13: 978-1-906099-23-7