12th April 2009
We are happy to help promote the Recession Session Live!
Featuring some past, present and future 'blackheath' authors.
See you there?
25th February 2009
We are very pleased to announce the publication of Vic Templar's 'Vic Templar Does His Chunkers'.  In which Vic plays a round of golf with Tibetan monks…is puzzled by the phrase ‘Women’s Frog Race’…completely forgets the name of his best friend…salutes the penguin who is commander of the Norwegian Army…discusses the perfect cuppa with George Orwell…has a play broadcast by the BBC…allows a sock monkey called Ralph to write his own chapter…
Here's the Press Release.

20th February 2009
We have recently bought a perfect binding machine.
We'll be testing it out on Vic Templar's 'Chunkers'.

8th February 2009
Our next publication 'Vic Templar Does His Chunkers' by Vic Templar is now available to pre-order from the shop. Here's a promo film...

7th February 2009
Joseph Ridgwell's second instalment as guest editor at Beat the Dust ('The Recession Session Part II') is now live. Among the interesting and thought provoking pieces are 3 poems and a mock orbituary by Geraint Hughes.

1st February 2009
Here's an interview with Adelle Stripe in Manchester student paper Pulp.

18th January 2009
Many thanks to those collectors out there who have been snapping up some of our early editions. A few of our early publications are now out of print. Rest assured we will not reprint books solely to meet demand. An edition is an edition, this is important to us. Any second editions (there are no plans yet) would have to be markedly different from the originals. Just thought we’d let you know.

9th January 2009
Here is an interview Zack did with the Sheffield Star. We are waiting for approaches from Mayhem's lawyers. 'Lescar Volume One' available from the shop.

Also an apology to anyone who may not be able to view all of the website, particularly some items in the shop. We've been trying to get to the bottom of it for a while now. It seems the problem is with certain browsers (Firefox in particular). I've had cock all help from the web hosting tossers, but will continue to try to find a solution. Email if you're having problems finding things or if you can help!

6th January 2009
Where Are The Rebels? at Dogmatika of course!
A review of Joseph Ridgwell's book
Available from the shop.

14th December 2008
'Lescar Volume One' by Zack Wilson
Is now available from the shop.
Here's Zack talking about the book in a recent interview at 'EPIC RITES'.
'Lescar' is a collection of stories set in a real Sheffield pub called The Lescar Hotel in around 2004. The charcaters are fictional, but the setting is real enough and so is most of what they do. I used to drink enthusiastically in that place and genuinely loved it and wanted to evoke something of what it was like. I mean, I wasn't fantastically happy at the time or anything (I was actually completely pissed most of the time) but it was an important little period in my life spent with some people who really were losers and dregs and yet were absolutely brilliant human beings on a different level.
Stuff like the football hoolganism and the drugs was just part of what was going on, both in the Lescar and in my life. Not that I was ever a 'hooligan' myself, I was a bit of a 'casual' and got into the clothes and the lifestyle a bit, but scrapping at the match was never really my thing. You'll have to look elsewhere for a definition of the term 'casual', but there's enough places to look. The project isn't finished yet. More Lescar stories will appear over the next few years. I want to explore some of the female charcaters a little more. Maybe I'll do 'Lescar Women' or summat.
Buy it here it is very good!

25th November 2008
Coming Soon
'Lescar Volume One' by Zack Wilson

Available to pre-order from the shop.

20th November 2008
Here are a couple of links associated with Joseph Ridgwells brilliant 'Where Are The Rebels'
Joe is 'Outsider of the Month' at The Guild of Outsider Writers
A First review by Sean McGahey of The Beat

20th September 2008
Load The Literary Guns!
We are very pleased to announce the publication of
'Where Are The Rebels? by Joseph Ridgwell
Available to order from the shop.

7th August 2008
We have great pleasure in announcing the publication of 'Some Things Are better Left Unsaid' by Adelle Stripe.

Available now from the shop.  Adelle is the featured writer at the superb Beat the Dust this month. Check it out and don't forget to call back and buy a book!

17th July 2008
Due for publication very soon is 'Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid - Love & Loss in London' by writer and editor Adelle Stripe.  Adelle is a 'Brutalist' and edits 'Straight From The Fridge' featuring the finest in new underground writing on the internet. It is now available to pre-order from the shop.

16th June 2008
We are pleased to announce the publication of 'This is it...' by Geraint Hughes. It is available from the website shop and continues from where his last publication finished off.  Is this it?

25th May 2008
Here is a review of Ben Myers' 'Spam (Email Inspired Poetry)' By Henry Cutmore of
CROSSFIRE.  An interview with Ben about his Spam poetry can be found at the superb 3am Magazine.

18th April 2008
We are now taking orders for 'Spam (Email inspired poetry)' by Ben Myers. It's a great book. Here's a film detailing it's creation.

15th March 2008
We are pleased to announce that the next publication will be a work by 'Brutalist' Ben Myers. Check out the brutalists
here and here. Apparently I am one too. In the meantime maybe buy the collection Brutalism One - Nowhere Fast you won't be disappointed.

22nd February 2008
We are pleased to announce the publication of Let's Get Visible by Miles J. Bell.  Miles has described it as detailing a "preposterous" year in his life.  Read more about Miles and Let's Get Visible
here at the Guild of Outsider Writers where he is currently Outsider of the Month.
Available in a signed and numbered edition of 100 copies, 1st 20 in the alternate blue cover.
Buy your copy from our shop.

14th December 2007
New Subscription options on offer in the 'blackheath books' shop.
Get the next six publications (a whole years worth)
for a bargain price of £20.
Also discounts on multiple purchases are available. Build your collection of the best in underground British literature whilst the prices are still reasonable.

12th December 2007
New shop added to the site, includes integrated PayPal buttons for your spending pleasure. How can you resist!

15th November 2007
New Release. Wood Smoke by Greg Buddery out now. 
Buy your copy from our shop,

24th October 2007
Reviews of Notown by Garrie Fletcher

20th October 2007
Some excerpts from reviews of The Mass Driver by Benjamin Donnelly

22nd September 2007.
New Release. Notown by Garrie Fletcher. Out Now. 
Buy a copy from our shop.

22nd August 2007.
A review of Pissing in the Mire by Geraint Hughes

20th August 2007. 
Hey, why not check out our new myspace page

18th August 2007.
New Release. The Mass Driver by Benjamin Donnelly. Out Now. 
Buy a copy from our shop.